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A Very Mochi Christmas: Mochi Cafe at December Nights 2012

Can you feel it in the air? It’s holiday season time, andMochi Cafe can’t wait! Make sure to start off your season right by attending our winter performance at Balboa Parkduring December Nights at Balboa Park on Saturday December 8th. We hope to see you all there. ♥

Maid Cafe Express at ALA 2013

Have you ever wanted to join a maid cafe, but find you just don’t have the time? Well fear not friends because Mochi Cafe will show you the ropes in a fun and exciting way! With our interactive game show, Mochi will teach you the ways of the maid. You might even walk away with some awesome prizes!

This is a game show competition in which you are paired with other guests and must successfully complete a variety of tasks. We will start promptly, so please make sure to arrive on time for a guaranteed seat. After we reach room capacity, we will be unable to seat any additional guests.

Ready for the challenge? Then RSVP and Game On! ♥

Mochi Crafte at ALA

Mochi Cafe is excited to announce our first ever event at Animé Los Angeles 2013. Introducing “Mochi Crafté,” a dynamic arts and crafts event with none other than the staff of Mochi Cafe! Join us and make some super cool accessories to wear at con. Make sure to RSVP today! ♥

Hello friends! I know its super early, but a Mochi’s work is never done. Im up so early because a few of us are on our way to Loscon in LA. We we’re honored to be asked to help serve at their Tea Event this Sunday! So stop by if your attending, wish us luck if your not. More updates as the day goes by, stay tuned!

With love from Aoi and Amaya <3

Just what is Ganbare Japan!?

If you would like to make a donation to our cause, please visit 

We are working hard to raise funds for our mission to Japan, though we understand we cannot do it alone. So we turn to you, our strongest supporter, to ask for monetary contributions. Your contribution will help us stay authentic and true to Japanese heritage and culture. Furthermore, it will help advance the individual welfare of local communities and causes. Every dollar counts, and with donations we are offering tokens of thanks. 

Though not everyone can give, we would be very grateful for the spreading of our message. Did you know that every share generates an average of $18? So share this video with your friends and family, and if everyone just shared this video with one person it would make a world of difference.

Once again if you would like to make a donation, please visit 

Arigatou gozaimasu!


Ganbare Japan <3

We need your support, in order to achieve our goal <3

San Diego Lantern Festival 2012

To my SoCal tumblr-ers out there:
Do you like maids, butlers, and fun J-Pop music? Then come out to the San Diego Lantern Festival this Sunday, August 19th from 10:00AM-4:00PM.
The girls and guys of Mochi Maid Cafe have been scheduled to perform from 12:30-1:30 PM, with a special “Blast from the Past” performance featuring Generation 1, 2, &amp; 3 members. Also remember to stop by their booth after the performance to check out their cool merch and help Mochi Cafe fundraise toward their 1000$ goal for their upcoming Breast Cancer walk.
The San Diego Lantern Festival is a fun filled event held in the “Little Saigon San Diego Commercial and Cultural District” and has vendors, carnival games and rides, performers, and even a breathtaking display of lanterns in the evening.
Its gonna be a fun event, and people on the facebook event are talking about coming in cosplay!
For more info:
Facebook event:
Here&#8217;s lookin at you!